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Conditions for Linking to Lex Scripta

Webmasters of other sites are more than welcome to link to Lex Scripta. The only restrictions are:

  1. "Deep" or "embedded" linking is not acceptable; i.e., you may not link to Lex Scripta in such a way that a page from Lex Scripta appears within a frame in, or is otherwise subsumed into, your own or another site.
  2. Links are not acceptable from sites which include, or contain links to: "adult" content; matter which promotes intolerance on the grounds or sex or sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, religion, or disability; matter which promotes illegal or immoral conduct; or matter associated with political extremeism.
  3. It is recommended that any site dealing with the law or legal issues carries an appropriate disclaimer. See the Lex Scripta disclaimer.
  4. Of course, you may not claim or imply that Lex Scripta, or any part of it, is your own work.

Linking Options

  • You may link either to the main page or Lex Scripta (, or to any other specific page. So far as possible, page URLs will be kept unchanged, so that links are not invalidated. The permanent URL of each page is displayed at the foot of the page.
  • Where the words Lex Scripta are used, it is preferable (but not, of course, mandatory) that they be shown in italics.
  • The alternative title, "Essential Web Links for Queensland Lawyers", may be used either in addition to, or in place of, the words Lex Scripta.
  • Custom graphics used within this website are the subject of copyright. However, a limited licence is offered to use such graphics exclusively for the purpose of linking with Lex Scripta. You may either link to the graphics located on my site, or transfer them to your own site.
  • Some of the graphics which are available for linking to Lex Scripta are set out below for your convenience.Feel free to choose one or more of the graphics which suit the colour-scheme and lay-out of your own site.
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