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Tips for Searching this Site:

1. This site does not contain any case reports. If you are looking for a case report, go to Legal Research and use the appropriate links listed under "Case Reports".

2. This site does not contain any legislation. If you are looking for legislation, go to Legal Research and use the appropriate links listed under "Legislation".

3. The secret to effective use of any search engine is to come up with search terms which are specific without being obscure:

    a. On the one hand, if the search term is too common, your search will return an excessive number of results. For example, if you are researching a problem involving the arrest of a ship, there is no point searching for "arrest" because you may get results relating to arrest under the criminal law. Instead, use a search term including a word like "admiralty", "marine", "maritime" or "shipping". (A friend, who is a dental specialist, experienced a similar problem when he was undertaking research in relation to "oral health".)

    b. On the other hand, if the search term is too obscure, your search may return no results. Thus, in researching a land-law problem, the term "feoffment" may be strictly accurate, but is unlikely to produce all relevant results.

4. Avoid using search terms which include common words - such as "a", "the", "of", "for", etc.

5. For best results, try using a search terms comprising two or three words as a phrase. Depending on the configuration of the search engine, you can achieve this either by enclosing the words in inverted commas (Google, for instance, recognises this protocol), or by selecting the option "find this phrase" (AustLII's search engine, for instance, offers this facility). Searching for the phrase like "unjust enrichment" is likely to produce more relevant results than searching for a document which contains both the word "unjust" and the word "enrichment".

6. When searching a website like this one, which is devoted primarily to legal links, it is pointless searching for a word like "law" or "legal", because these words appear on almost every page within the website.

7. Depending on what you are looking for, you may find it quicker to select the appropriate section of this site from the following links:

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