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resources includeOxford Paperback Encyclopedia, Penguin Encyclopedia of Places, The Macmillan Encyclopedia 2001, Bloomsbury Dictionary of Contemporary Slang, Bloomsbury Good Word Guide, Bloomsbury Thesaurus, Oxford Companion to English Language, Oxford English Reference Dictionary, Penguin Rhyming Dictionary, Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English, Bloomsbury Biographical Dictionary of Quotations, Bloomsbury Thematic Dictionary of Quotations, Oxford Dictionary of Quotations, Bloomsbury Guide to Art, Grove Concise Dictionary of Music, Market House Books Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, Oxford Dictionary of Art, Oxford Dictionary of Music, Penguin Dictionary of Music, Macmillan Dictionary of Women's Biography, Penguin Biographical Dictionary of Women, Who's Who in the Twentieth Century (OUP), A Dictionary of Business (OUP), A Dictionary of Law (OUP), Dictionary of Accounting (OUP), Penguin Business Dictionary, Penguin Dictionary of Economics, Penguin International Dictionary of Finance, A Dictionary of Food and Nutrition (OUP), Concise Medical Dictionary (OUP), Dictionary of Medicines (OUP), Market House Books Dictionary of British History, Bloomsbury Dictionary of English Literature, Oxford Companion to English Literature, Bloomsbury Guide to Human Thought, A Dictionary of Science (OUP), A Dictionary of Scientists (OUP), Dictionary of Biology (OUP), The Penguin Dictionary of Psychology, The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology
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On-Line Encyclopædiæ (general reference)
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Encarta Free Online Encyclopedia
Compton's Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Probert Encyclopaedia
Hutchinson Online Encyclopedia
Infoplease Encyclopedia and Dictionary
Encyclopædia Britannica
Funk and Wagnall's
The Columbia Encyclopedia
E-Conflict  World Encyclopedia
The Catholic Encyclopedia
*Grolier Encyclopedia Americana
Other General On-Line Reference Resources
Research-It! Reference Desk
The Librarians' Resource Centre
Free Internet Encyclopedia
Resource Central
The WWW Virtual Library
International Financial Encyclopaedia
Infomine (Scholarly Internet Resources)
Beyond the Black Stump
Yahoo! Reference Links
MagPortal.com - magazine articles research portal
Pennsylvania University Library Reference Shelf
Ipswich Library and Information Service Database Links
South West Institute of TAFE Virtual Reference Collection
On-Line Encyclopædiæ (subject-specific)
Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Mathematics Encylopedia
Tech Encyclopedia
Home Improvement Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of Plants
Encyclopedia of the Orient
Encyclopedia of British History, 1700-1950
The Cambridge Historical Encyclopedia of English and American Literature
Encyclopedia of Australian Rock & Pop
On-Line Biographical Dictionaries
Biographical Dictionary
Bright Sparcs
Lucidcafe Library
World Biographical Index
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Heads of State and Heads of Government of all countries since 1800
Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments (CIA)
Encyclopædia Links
Reference Desk: Encyclopedias
Australia All Over: Reference: Encyclopedia
Yahoo! Reference > Encyclopedia
LSU Libraries: Encyclopedias
Web Wombat: Reference: Encyclopedia
THOR Virtual Reference Desk
University of Pennsylvania Library Reference Shelf: Encyclopedias (General and Subject)
Camera Obscura's meta-index of academic and scholarly resources
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