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Articles by Graeme O. Morris

Most of these articles are available in two formats: as HTML documents (that is, as ordinary web pages) or in PDF format. PDF format is recommended if you wish to download documents to store on your own computer's hard drive, or to print them. In order to read and print documents in PDF format, appropriate software is required:


Lectures and Speeches

Whistleblowing in the Twenty-First Century:
Individual Corruption and Institutional Dysfunction

address to
Whistleblowers Australia National Conference 2006
Saturday 25 November 2006

144 kB


The Crisis in Decision-Making
address to

The Council for the National Interest – Queensland Division
31 March 2006

75 kB


Reflections by a Royal Commissioner
address to

Reform in Queensland: The Post-Fitzgerald Era

a National Conference presented by the University of the Sunshine Coast
in association with the
Institute of Management Consultants (Queensland)
and the
of Public Administration Australia (Queensland)
10 November 2005

93 kB


Medical Practice and Medical Administration
address to the
James Cook University Medical Students’ Association
21 October 2005

124 kB


The Black Death in Queensland Health
speech to the Queensland Media Club, 18 October 2005

87 kB


The Advocate and the Internet

Family Law Conference, Gold Coast
29 September 2004

1,110 kB
(with illustrations)

40 kB
(without illustrations)


The Quatercentenary of Sir Walter Raleigh's Trial

Part I: Raleigh and Queen Elizabeth
Part II: The Essex Trial
Part III: James’s Succession
Part IV: The Main and Bye Plots
Part V: Cobham’s Allegations

Part VI: The Law of Treason
Part VII: The Accused
Part VIII: The Prosecutor
Part IX: The Trial
Part X: Raleigh’s Execution

Queensland Supreme Court Library Historical Lecture Series
21 November 2003

128 kB (article without illustrations)


The Year of Grace, 1751:
Adoption of the Gregorian Calendar into English Law,
and Supputation of Time under the Act of 24 Geo. II, ch. 23

Presented to the Selden Society of Queensland Annual Meeting,
8 June 2001 (Gregorian); 26 May 2001 (Julian)
Calendar Act of 1751

154 kB (article)

27 kB (the Act)


The Trial of Australia's Last Bushrangers
Presented to the Queensland Museum's
Queensland 1901 Lunchtime Lecture Series
31 January 2001

719 kB
(with illustrations)

158 kB
(without illustrations)


Assessing Damages for a Breach of the Duty to Warn: Is the Patient
Compensated for the Loss of a Chance, or the Chance of a Loss ?

Presented to Medico-Legal Society of Queensland / Australian Association of Surgeons
National Conference - Medical Negligence Litigation, 21 November 1998

58 kB

Why Queensland Needs a Parliamentary Criminal Justice Commissioner
Address to Working Group of Parliamentary Committees
Overseeing Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Bodies
presented 26 February 1998

26 kB

Briefing Barristers: Ten Ways to Make the Experience A Happier One
Presented to Queensland Law Society
Articled Clerks' Symposium, 19 March 1999

92 kB


 The Importance of Being Wilde

Part I: Wilde and "Bosie" Douglas
Part II: Wilde and Queensberry
Part III: The “booby trap”
Part IV: The perils of litigating a defamation
[published in Bar News, May 2003]

Part V: Carson’s cross-examination

Part VI: Why was Wilde persecuted?
Part VII: Wilde as a Gay Icon
[published in Bar News, December 2003] 

601 kB
(with illustrations)

102 kB
(without illustrations)


WS Gillbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan’s
Trial by Jury - A Legal Commentary

written for Queensland Musical Theatre & Arts
Inc.'s 2002 production of Trial by Jury

21 kB

The Ten Commandments for
Company Directors

published in Queensland Bar News, August 2002

32 kB

Proceedings by a Barrister against
a Firm or Solicitor for Unpaid Fees

Letter to the Chief Executive of the
Bar Association of Queensland
Published in Queensland Bar News, April 2001

59 kB

The “Polly Peck Defence”:
its Future in Australia

Article publiched in the Australian Law Journal
(2000) 74 A.L.J. 760

154 kB

Speaking About the Speaker
Published in the Courier-Mail Newspaper
24 October 2000

43 kB

Length of Parliamentary Terms
Letter to the editor of the Courier-Mail Newspaper
published November 2001

23 kB

Submissions to Public Authorities

Review of the Limitations of Actions Act 1974 (Queensland)
Submission to the Queensland Law Reform Commission,
29 May 1997

144 kB


Telling the Truth About David Irving
a review of
Telling Lies About Hitler:
The Holocaust, History and the David Irving Trial

by Richard J. Evans (London: Verso, 2002)
published in Queensland Bar News, May 2003

50 kB

The Velveteen Rabbit
libretto and music by Simon Chan
first public performance in the Bar Common Room
on 11 March 2001
published in Queensland Bar News, April 2001

48 kB

A Masterpiece Discovered
a review of
The Missing Masterpiece by Ian Callinan
published in Queensland Bar News, January 2002

25 kB

Vespertine Vignettes
a review of
Sicilian Vespers by Cedric Hampson
published in Queensland Bar News, January 2002

53 kB

The New Fowler's Modern English
Usage (3rd ed.) by R.W. Burchfield

published in Queensland Bar News, June 1999

22 kB

The Better Nazi
a review of
The Good Nazi: The Life and Lies of Albert Speer
by Dan Van Der Vat

124 kB

 A Time Capsule of Australian Legal Websites
a review of
Law on the Internet
by Cate Banks and Heather Douglas

15 kB

Biographical Notes

Cedric Edward
Keid Hampson, QC

Biographical note published in
Queensland Bar News, April 2001

17 kB

The Honourable Justice Gerald
Edward (Tony) Fitzgerald, A.C.

Biographical note published in
Queensland Bar News
, April 1999

19 kB

Articles published pseudonymously as
"The Officious Bystander" in
Queensland Bar News

Millennium Madness
September 1999

57 kB

A Place in History
August 2000

55 kB

The Death of A Statesman
November 1999

64 kB

The Quantum Leap
January 2002

65 kB

Articles by Graeme O. Morris

Feez Ruthning & Co. - The First 100 Years

105 kB


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