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Legal Dictionaries - Subject-Specific
Commercial Law
International Commercial Law Glossary
From Uniserve Law - Australia
Glossary of Anti-Trust Terms
A scholarly US reference resource.
Environmental Law
Environmental law glossary
Small collection of terms likely to arise in environmental litigation.
Equal Opportunity Law
Equal Opportunity, Anti-Discrimination and Human Rights Law Glossary
From the Equal Opportunity Commission of South Australia.
Industrial Law
Glossary of Trades Union Terms
From the Labor Council of NSW.
Insurance Law
The Complete Glossary of Insurance Coverage Explanations
From Lewis-Chester Associates, a US insurance broker.
insurNET Insurance Terminology
A glossary of insurance terms, conveniently divided into categories of insurance - Automobile, Health, Inland Marine, Legal, Liability, Life Insurance, Ocean Marine, Property, Reinsurance and Worker Compensation. Although based in Hong Kong, many of the definitions appear to be of US origin.
Terminology Collection: Insurance
Links to numerous insurance-related dictionaries or glossaries.
Intellectual Property Law
Glossary of terms related to invention, patents, and patent law
A short glossary directed at a lay audience.
International Law
International Law Dictionary
Words and phrases used in private and public international law.
Maritime Law
Glossary of Maritime Law Abbreviations, Definitions, Terms and Odds'N Ends
By Professor William Tetley, Q.C.
Matrimonial Law
Divorce Dictionary
Simple explanations of common terms in matrimonial proceedings.
Annotated Divorce Law Dictionary
Described as "an excerpt from the forthcoming book, The Tao of Divorce (based on Sun Tzu's Art of War)" by two Massachusetts divorce lawyers.
Parliamentary Law
Glossary of Parliamentary Terms
From the Parliament of Queensland.
Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure
From the House of Commons, Canada.
Legal History
Medieval Legal Terms
An apparently well-researched collection, although of limited usefulness.
Foreign Language
Dictionnaire du Droit Privé
Dictionary of French legal terms, defined in French.
Dictionnaire du Droit Privé français - Version italienne
Dictionary of French legal terms, defined in Italian.
Legal Dictionary Links
Terminology Collection: Law
Specialized On-Line Dictionaries: Law
1000 Dictionaries: Law
Guide to Internet Law - Glossaries
Glossaries sorted by Subject: Law
Yahoo! Legal Dictionaries
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