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Alcorn, Peter

Alexander, Howard

Alford, Lindsey

Allan, David

Allan, Grant
Alldridge, Rodney
Allen, John
Allen, Peter

Ambrose, Mark

Amerena, Michael or
Anderson, Michael
Anderson, Robert

Anderson, Susan
Andreatidis, Nicholas

Andrew, Guy

Armitage, Sally
Arnold, Catherine

Athanasiou, Christopher

Asis, Franc

Atkinson, Damien

Bagley, Charles
Barlow, Anthony

Barlow, Kenneth

Barnes, Laurie

Barnett, Joel

[email address removed by request]
Barry, Sean

Bassett, Graham or
Baston, Peter
Bates, Douglas
Beacham, Gareth
Bennett, Anne
Bickford, Peter
Bland, Michael

Blaxland, Stephen
Blond, Brent or
Boccabella, Lorenzo
Boulton, Kerry

Bowden, Lindsay

Bowler, Ross
Bowskill, Helen
Bradley, Thomas

Brady, Matthew

Brasch, Jacoba

Bremhorst, John

Brennan, Madeline
Brennan, Vincent

Brien, Judy

Brown, Paul

Brown, Susan

Bryson, John

Bubendorfer, Peter

Bullow, Stephen

Burke, Susan
Burnett, Michael
Burns, Martin

Burridge, Guy

Byrne, Michael J.

Byrne, Michael J.W.

Byrnes, Russell

Cairns, Bernard

Cameron, Ross

Campbell, Christopher

Campbell, Michael

Campbell, Wallace

Campion, Timothy

Canning, Phillip

Carew, Catherine
Carlyle, (Dr.) John
Carmody, Karen

Carrigan, Chris

Carter Nicoll, Bernadette
Cassidy, Margaret
Chan, Simon
Charrington, Brett

Chin Fat, Kelvin

Chowdhury, Milton
Christie, Andrew
Christie, (Dr.) Edward

Clark, Charlie

Clothier, Damian

Clutterbuck, Russell

Coates, Stephen

Cochrane, Kathryn
Cochrane, Wayne

Codd, Brett

Collins, Anthony

Collins, Scott
Connor, Shane

Conrick, Matthew

Conway, Carolyn

Cooper, Adam

Cooper, Sean

Copley, Kerry

Copp, Richard

Corkery, Peter
Coulsen, Craig

Cousins, Sean

Coveney, Gary

Crawford, Alex
Crawford, Christopher
Cregan, Quentin

Cronin, Brian
Cross, (Dr.) Gerard
Crowe, Martin

Crowley, Joseph
Curbishley, Philip
Curran, Bertram

Curran, John
Cuthbert, Catherine
Cvetkovski, Trajce
Davern, Trevor

Davies, John

Dawson, Fraser

Dearn, John

Debattista, Aaron

Dempsey, (Dr.) Gillian
de Plater, Peter

Derrington, Sarah
Dickson, Ross
Diehm, Geoffrey
Dillon, Paul

Dollar, Liam

Donaldson, Adrian
Downes, Kylie
Drew, Michael
Drysdale, Michael
Duffy, Adrian
Durley, Sharyn
Durley, Stephen

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nor that barristers listed on this page are necessarily members of the Bar Association.

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