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Rangiah, Darryl

Rashleigh, Peter
Read, Eric

Read, Warren
Redmond, Francis

Reed, Robert
Reid, Colin

Reid, David

Richards, Peter

Rinaudo Lewis, Maria
Robertson, Chris
Robertson, (Dr.) Mark

Robinson, Graham
Robinson, Peter

Roche, (Dr.) Kevin

Rolls, Jeffrey
Roney, Peter

Rosengren, Jennifer

Ryan, Daniel

Ryan, Timothy
Ryrie, Julie

Sacre, Peter

Sadiq, Kerrie

Sayers, (Dr.) Mark

Schneidewin, David
Schulte, (Dr.) Richard

Scott-Mackenzie, Hugh

See, Andrew

Selfridge, John
Shah, Anand

Sheaffe, Stephen

Sheahan, Gregory

Shepley, John

Sheridan, Phillip

Simpson, Aaron

Skennar, Darlene

Skoien, Andrew

Slack, Keith

Slade Jones, Robin or

Smith, Craig

Smith, Lee
Smith, Paul (of Level 6, Inns of Court)

Smith, Paul (of Level 13, 239 George Street)

Somers, Thomas
Spence, Darien
Stenson, Ross
Stephens, Llewellyn (Willie)

Stevens, James

Stewart, Brian
Stewart, J.P.

Stobie, Andrew
Stunden, Mark
Sullivan, John

Sullivan, Thomas
Supranowicz, Viktor
Sweeney, Jeremy

Sweetapple, Pamela

Taylor, Anthony

Taylor, Michael
Taylor, Richard
Theobald, Philip

Thomae, David

Thomas, Barry

Thomas, Mark

Thompson, Neil
Thomson, Gregory

Tolton, Wayne

Toweel, Cedwynn

Towns-Wilson, Robert
Treston, Rebecca

Tronc, Keith

Trotter, Richard

Trotter, Timothy

Trout, Peter
Tsakissiris, Peter

Tucker, Philip

Ulrick, Nicholas
Ure, Stewart

Vallati, Astrid
Van Caenegem, William
Van Der Walt, Martin

Varitimos, Mal

Vasta, Deborah

Walsh, Damian

Waterman, Guy

Watson, Kenneth

Weber, Sue
Westbrook, William Allan

White, Patrick
Whiteford, Robert Trevor
Whitten, Ben

Wilkins, Craig

Williams, David

Williams, Mark
Williams, Sydney

Williams, Tony

Williamson, Michael

Willis, Peter

Wlison, Charles
Wilson, Christopher (of Level 16, Quay Central)

Wilson, Christopher (of Level 6, Inns of Court)
Wilson, Elizabeth

Wilson, Michael

Wiltshire, Christopher

Woodford, Michael
Woods, Peter
Wrenn, Andrew

Zillman, Stephen

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