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Ladlay, Ronald
Lane, Peter

Lange, Peter

Lapthorn, Kevin
Laws, David

Lawson, Rodney

Lee, Graham
Lee, John

Lee, (Dr.) Stephen

Leigh, Ken

Levy, (Dr.) Kenneth
Lewis, Simon

Liddy, Michael
Linklater-Steele, James

Lippett, Francis
Litster, Rod
Logan, David

Longbottom, Erin
Looney, Philip

Luchich, Andrew
Lumb, Stephen

Lynas Torr, Danielle

Lynch, Dennis

Lynch, Kevin

Lynch, Richard

Lynch, Scott

Lyons, Andrew
McDermott, Peter

McDiarmid, Ann-Maree

McDougall, James

McGhee, Pamela

McGinness, Katherine

McGrath, Christopher
McGregor, Neil

Macgroarty, Kel

McGuire, Gregory

McHugh, Peter
McKew, Mark
McKinnon, Anthony

Macklin, Tony
McLean Williams, Andrew

McLennan, Cathy-Ann

McLeod, Scott

McMaster-Kirkwood, Janine

McMillan, Tracey or
McQuade, Paul

Maher, Anton

Major, Peter
Malbon, Justin

Mandikos, (Dr.) Bridget

Marais, Barrie

Marks, David

Markwell, William
Martin, Mark

Martin, Nicole

Mathews, Mark

Matthews, Timothy or
Mellick, Anthony

Mellifont, Kerri

Menolotto, Levis

Mercier, Marc

Mercier, Francois

Merrell, John

Middleton, Laurence

Miles, John
Miller, Ian

Miocevic, Robert
Molloy, Ian

Monks, Shane

[email address removed by request]

Moody, Shannon
Morgan, Dan
Morgan, Richard

Morrisey, Maurice
Morton, Richard
Morzone, Errol

Mossop, Tracy

Muir, Catherine

Mulligan, Bradley

Mullins, Gerard
Mumford, Bruce

Munro, Benjamin
Munro, Peter

Munt, Andrew

Murdoch, Christopher

Murphy, Dominic
Musgrave, Andrew

Myers, Robert

Mylne, Peter

Neate, Regan

Needham, Robert

Negric, Frank

Nevison, Lee
Newton, Christopher

Nguyen, Sam

Nickel, Bruce

Nicoll, Bernadette

Noble, William

Nolan, Mark

Nolan, Peter

O'Brien, Damien
O'Connor, Dan [Executive Officer, Bar Association]

O'Grady, Gary

Oliver, Richard

O'Meara, Christopher

O'Neill, James

O'Neill, Peter
O'Sullivan, Gavin

O'Sullivan, Mark

Otto, Jeffrey
Pappas, Jack
Paratz, David

Peden, John

Perkins, Derek

Perkins, Ian
Peterson, Roland
Philipson, Kay

Phillips, Tai
Plunkett, Mark
Pointing, Shaneen

Pomerenke, Adam

Porter, Bernard
Poynton, F.P.

Preston, Andrew

Pyle, Dominic
Quayle, Douglas
Quinn, Thomas

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for illustrative purposes only. This is not intended to imply that this website has the support or endorsement of any of that body;
nor that barristers listed on this page are necessarily members of the Bar Association.

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