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Barristers: Queen's / Senior Counsel
* indicates Queensland silks whose principal chambers are located interstate
^ indicates Queensland silks whose principal chambers are located outside Brisbane

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Ambrose, Peter SC

Andrews, David SC
Applegarth, Peter SC

Bain, Robert QC
Batch, John SC
^ Baulch, John SC
Bell, James QC

Boddice, David SC
Bond, John SC

Brandis, (Senator) George SC

Byrne, Michael QC
Callaghan, Peter SC

Campbell, Douglas SC

Clifford, James QC

Cooper, David SC
Couper, Simon QC

Crooke, Gary QC
Crowe, Andrew SC
Crowley, James QC
Dalton, Jean SC
Daubney, Martin SC

Davis, Peter SC
Derrington, Roger SC

Devlin, Ralph SC
Dorney, Kieren QC
* Douglas, Francis QC
Douglas, Richard SC
Doyle, Shane SC
Dunning, Peter SC
^ Durward, Stuart SC

Farr, Bradley SC

Flanagan, Peter SC
Fleming, Kenneth QC

Fraser, Donald QC
Fraser, Hugh QC
Freeburn, Paul SC
Gallagher, John QC
Gibson, Graham QC
Glynn, Anthony SC
Gore, Daniel QC
Gotterson, Robert QC
Grant-Taylor, Michael SC

Greenwood, (The Honourable) John QC
Griffin, John QC
Hanger, Ian QC
Harrison, Lister QC

Henry, James SC
Hiley, Graham QC

Hinson, Mark SC
Holt, Robert SC
Hughes, Christopher SC
* Jackson, David F. QC
Jackson, David J.S. QC
Keim, Stephen Joseph SC
Kelly, Declan SC

Kelly, Liam SC
Kent, Michael SC
Kirk, Thomas SC

Long, Gary SC
Lilley, Richard SC
Logan, John SC
McKenna, John SC

McMillan, Kathryn SC

MacSporran, Alan SC
Morris, Anthony QC
Morrison, Philip QC
Mulholland, Robert QC

Mullins, Damien
Murdoch, James SC
Murphy, Douglas SC

Newton, Glenn SC
North, David SC
North, Timothy SC

O'Donnell, Brian QC

O'Gorman, Daniel SC
O'Shea, Patrick SC

Pack, Wendy SC
Page, Graeme SC

Perry, Richard SC

^ Philp, Andrew SC

Rafter, Tony SC
Russell, David Graham QC
Savage, Douglas SC
* Sheahan, John SC
Sofronoff, Walter QC
Stewart, Michael SC

Tait, David SC
Thompson, Alexander (Sandy) SC

Traves, Roger SC

Vasta, Angelo QC
Wensley, Robert QC

White, (Dr.) Michael QC
Williams, Sydney QC

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for illustrative purposes only. This is not intended to imply that this website has the support or endorsement of any of that body;
nor that barristers listed on this page are necessarily members of the Bar Association.

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